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% reduziert % Rockford Fosgate R70-M Monitor
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Rockford Fosgate R70-M Monitor

Hersteller: Rockford Fosgate
Art-Nr.: 026059

 17,8 cm TFT/LCD 16:9 /  Door panel or Headrest Installation /  Resolution 1400 x 234 px /  Resolution RGB 480 x 234 px /  Contrast Ratio 300:1 /  Brightness 350cd/m2 /  Viewing Angle V 160
% reduziert % Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 Equalizer/Prozessor
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Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 Equalizer/Prozessor

Hersteller: Rockford Fosgate
Art-Nr.: 021990

Interactive Signal Processor & OEM Interface  Digital Signal Processor  Controlled via laptop or PDA  6-CH RCA and & high-level input  6-CH HP/LP/BP/AP crossover  Time delay per channel  31-band ...
% reduziert % Rockford Fosgate BDSYNC2 Signalkabel
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Rockford Fosgate BDSYNC2 Signalkabel

Hersteller: Rockford Fosgate
Art-Nr.: 021995

Synch cable for strapping a pair of POWER bd-Amps (fan cooled models only)
% reduziert % Rockford Fosgate P10G Abdeckung 10 Zoll
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Rockford Fosgate P10G Abdeckung 10 Zoll

Hersteller: Rockford Fosgate
Art-Nr.: 022014

Grille for P1/P2 25 cm
% reduziert % Rockford Fosgate P12G Abdeckung 12 Zoll
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Rockford Fosgate P12G Abdeckung 12 Zoll

Hersteller: Rockford Fosgate
Art-Nr.: 022013

Grille for P1/P2 30 cm

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% reduziert % Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 4-Kanal VerstRockford Fosgate PBR300X4 4-Kanal Verst
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